Composite carved background wall, namely, plate engraving setting wall is based on traditional element board base material of a kind of culture art adornment material, the carving printing technology, the craft is rigorous, exquisite process, its environmentally friendly polyester fiber raw material after a multi-channel processing and special processing, acoustical environment, strong color fastness, color reduction, product durability. Product characteristics as follows: the biggest advantage of sound absorption, noise reduction, green environmental protection, rich color, design is exquisite; And fully reflects the simple sense of traditional sculpture and beauty. Its construction technology is different from traditional sculpture. Is widely used in hotels, theme restaurant project of large murals, commercial space and household space and office space, for the general customers to build a perfect fashion space and high taste of the life of a modern artistic sentiment. Personality customization has become a trend, market demand is buoyant, creative industries are showing vitality, become a new growth point of the world economy, and shows attractive market potential.

Due to the continuous development of composite board carving process, this can be custom-made high-end building materials products, only designers use of customized products in high-grade places, are being used in a wider range of household and office decoration.


Product  name                                                   Upright

Product  material                                              100% Polyester Fibre (PET)

Product  size                                                      50*50mm

Product  thickness                                            9mm




More size & color can be customized.