Acoustic Relief


Relief wall is another way of modern household metope adornment, relief wall of setting of the flame retardant resin material has adopted by the "lightweight, durable, fire prevention, moistureproof, green environmental protection, adornment effect is prominent personality, installation, convenient operation, remarkable physical noise reduction function is the modern people's love, the main can be used for home TV wall, porch setting wall decoration and so on.

1, the green environmental protection:

Relief wall used in decorating plate with stable physical and chemical structure, will not mildew, no radiation, no pollution, green environmental protection, and even if detached from the wall of the decorative plate can be used again, still not wasteful, and leftover material in the construction process can be repeated use, it is a kind of environmental protection product with high performance.

2, sound-absorbing noise reduction:

Using 100% polyester fiber material, its internal structure for independent closed bubbles, have good sound insulation effect, especially suitable for the study and bedroom space background wall decoration, can effectively reduce the noise into the outdoor indoor, to keep quiet and comfortable indoor environment.

3, light crack:

Light weight, high strength, impact resistance performance is good, even if is long-term in a state of suspension or slight vibration, relief wall will not cracking deformation, decoration for long service life.

4, installation is convenient:

Its installation is simple, fast, is not restricted by seasonal climate and geographical environment, throughout the year all appropriate, embossed decorative decoration and heat preservation and heat insulation effect, at the same time, minimize the exterior load, increase availability of the space and land.


Product  name                                          Embossed Hexagon

Product  material                                     100% Polyester Fibre (PET)

Product  side lenght                                165mm

Product  thickness                                   13mm





More size & color can be customized.