Acoustic Furniture-The leaves screen

Acoustics: wide frequency bandwidth, NRC(noise reduction coefficiency) reaches more than 0.85. Eco-friendly: no chemical irritants, free of harmful substances. Flammability: Euroclass EN 13501-1:B-s1-d0(flame treated), D-s1-d0(untreated); North American class ASTM E84-15a: FSI-20, SDI-450 Recycled: Acoustic floor screen is made from 100% PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is recyclable. Decorative: GREENISH acoustic floor screen is available printed in an array of colourways and designs. It is also available embossed providing a subtle textured result. The perfect solution for adding contemporary design to an interior space. Thermal Insulation High impact resistance Tackable Printable
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